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Having worked two decades as a digital marketing expert, Tim has always been an early adopter of the latest technology. As a business owner, he also understands how common it is for executives to lose sight of their original vision by getting lost in the inner workings and day-to-day demands of running the business. The most predictable outcome of this is losing touch with who clients are, what they want, and developing strategies to grow and bring in new business. That can be the beginning of the end.

Tim McGarvey – Vision for Scalable Growth

Tim McGarvey offers a rare combination of proven marketing principles and the integration of sophisticated online technology to build businesses with built-in growth potential. Inspiring a new vision for a company, Tim works to understand the history and context, and then extracts the essence of what’s unique about what’s being offered. With laser focus and clear messaging,Tim then uses powerful digital marketing tools to connect the brand and business with previously untapped mainstream markets and vetted audiences.

There are core tactics and strategies that you must have in place if you want to effectively grow your business online.

Tim and his team work to drive actual business opportunities and increased profitability using digital tools. He doesn’t focus on aimless internet activity, but actual measurable results in terms of new business, which is rare in the world of digital marketing.

Over the past decade the businesses that Tim has partnered with have achieved transformative business growth, thanks to his ability to position them as industry leaders online. He has coached executives beyond small business thinking to develop entities that enjoy market dominance, increasing profitability, and an endless potential for growth.

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