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Tim McGarvey is a brand and systems alchemist specializing in email automation, social media strategy development, reputation marketing, and traffic generation.

As a “Growth Strategist” and internet marketing consultant, Tim develops long term, profitable marketing partnerships and strategies that achieve business goals. His battle-tested methods and systems are thoughtful, sustainable, measurable, and scalable.

True to His Word

I get bombarded with emails and calls from “experts” trying to get me to use their services to grow my practice. Tim actually delivers on what he claims. He is very knowledgeable about how to use social media and he is absolutely true to his word.

Jason Piken, DC., CNS.

Opened Second Weight Loss Clinic

We were struggling with our weight loss practice in a second location, working in a medical office a few hours a week. Within months of opening the second office full-time Tim was generating 600 calls a month to the new office. He is the only person that has ever really helped our practice make money.

Leon Baryshnikov, MD

Highly Recommend for Health Care Professionals

I met Tim McGarvey and was completely impressed. He provided an excellent branding commercial for our practice, and our social media results have been exploding since. I highly recommend his work for health care professionals. He is, without hesitation, a gem.

Dr. Elizabeth Greenberg

Changed Our Holistic Medical Practice

When we first met with Tim McGarvey we did not believe that he could help us. After 25 years in a holistic practice nothing that anyone did actually worked. After just a few months, we are now getting more calls from new patients than we have ever had, or even thought possible. Thank you. This has changed everything.

Kevin E. Papineau, MD

New Patients Every Day

Before I started working with Tim I was ready to just retire. I didn’t think that we could get new patients on the computer. The work that he does continues to bring us new patients every single day, every month, all year. I have the practice that I have always hoped to have. My only regret is that we didn’t meet when I was a younger man.

Anton Sergeyev, MD, DO

Best Results You Can Imagine

Tim McGarvey is amazing. His deep understanding of how to get customers using Google and other search engines is amazing. We get a lot of referrals every month now from the internet when we didn’t get very many before. Tim is caring and compassionate. He really takes time to understand you as a person and your business. He will focus on your work, on your business and get you the best results you can imagine.

Dr. Steven Schram

Knowledgeable, Creative, Detailed

Working with Tim has been a great experience. Tim is very knowledgeable, creative, detailed and a pleasure to work with. If you need any assistance with reviews or want to make sure you are proactive with the reputation of your organization then Tim will set this up and show you the way to accomplish this.

Seth Dinsky

Improved Our Reputation

Tim has been a great asset to our organization and has helped to improve our brand reputation. Tim has also taken the time to prepare a presentation specific to our organization and sit down with our staff and explain his plan.

Benny Elzweig

Knowledgeable, Able and Thorough Professional

Of all the internet gurus that Ive worked with, Tim McGarvey is the most knowledgeable, able and thorough professional. He researched my business before meeting with me, asked very specific questions, and completely understood my needs. The results – my practice has reached a new higher level, for which I am eternally grateful.

Dr. Alex Eingorn

First Page Google Results

Tim delivers results. I wasn’t sure that we could get new students from the internet. We quickly had most of the listings on the front page. Did we get new any new students? Yes we did.

Jacquelline Donelli

First Page of Google

Tim opened our eyes to the power of social media. Within a very short period of time we were on the first page of Google. We now have a constant stream of new students. He was a real find.

Richard Dow, CSW PC

Top of Google Getting Calls

We are at the top of Google now getting calls and emails from new prospective students. Tim has absolutely exceeded all of our expectations.

Alberto Bonilla

Don't let past experiences with social media consultants, SEO experts and web design firms leave you thinking that digital marketing doesn’t work.

Tim McGarvey has the know-how and experience to generate a steady flow of new business for increased visibility, and profitability, so you reach your business goals. Schedule a consultation to learn more.

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223 W 38th Street #1060
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