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Executive Biography

photo of tim mcgarvey on west 47th street in manhattan
Tim McGarvey – Executive Biography
Tim McGarvey combines strategic clarity and sophisticated networks, creating powerful digital connections between businesses and mainstream markets that result in growth and profitability. Executives are blown away by the business and personal potential realized when they invest in McGarvey’s strategic vision and technological expertise. Possessing an intense drive to push past limited thinking and superficial SEO “busy work,” McGarvey is an architect of big-picture marketing strategies, sophisticated content creation, and proprietary distribution systems that drive business expansion, profits, and stability. A creative problem solver, McGarvey believes in developing enriching life-long and mutually beneficial business partnerships.

New Patients Every Day

Before I started working with Tim I was ready to just retire. I didn’t think that we could get new patients on the computer. The work that he does continues to bring us new patients every single day, every month, all year. I have the practice that I have always hoped to have. My only regret is that we didn’t meet when I was a younger man.

Anton Sergeyev, MD, DO
Having grown successful entities in broadcast and cable television, bio-medical research, feature film and arts organizations, and healthcare practices, his latest venture Clinic Marketing Group partners with medical professionals seeking to improve their online presence and reputation, as they launch a highly profitable and scalable business model. Tim is a member of several prestigious MasterMind digital marketing groups and is the board chair of Bridges, Inc. a digital technology and business incubator that empowers urban teens with marketable job skills. He lives in New York City with his wife and three children.
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